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We deliver first-class IT Support to companies of all sizes across Qatar– optimizing their IT infrastructures to boost productivity and freeing up time to enable them to focus on their business.


We offer IT consulting services that will help you improve your software architecture, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations by optimizing your software portfolio. Our software engineers will finish your digital transformation journey through careful planning and effective execution of the outlined IT strategy.

What can we Do?
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The Best Idea and Clear Design
ux/uI design services

From conceptualization to user experience design; from graphics to brand identity. We don’t just care about the visual aspects of your product. We also care about the experience behind it.



We need to understand our clients’ goals and what value we need to deliver to users. We make sure that we understand each project by talking with our clients, researching the competition, and studying the best design practices.


Information architecture

We make complex projects simple by smartly structuring information and defining ways how we can communicate product ideas to users.


How it works

We create a detailed description of each user role, taking into account how your product is used, the demographics of users, and cultural particularities. Then we develop user flows that describe users’ goals and priorities and ways to achieve them.

Chairman Message

Ghanim Saleh Al-Kuwari


“You may say I am a dreamer, But I am not only the one,
I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one”

We Zaash co, focus and constantly gaze on corporate ideals to break the barriers for a better environment and thereby pursuing business activities with our core efforts

“Our strength is our Clients, So more than a business venture we are thriving to get connected for a better tomorrow where YOU, ME, and Us can sustain with better technological aspects. Our motivation is our pride in organizational bond and through what it has to be accomplished. Though it’s an Information Technology Consultancy, Our Integrity is our foundation, quality and fairness are our goals and a caring environment is our straight objective.” Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction form the basis of our philosophy. Our theme is quality, integrity, time, efficiency, and safety. To achieve these principles, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, including enhancing our awareness of and conformity with business ethics, and aim to be a reliable and trustworthy company globally. We believe that only outstanding workmanship, superior creative ideas, effective technical methods, and continuous development of our management profile and professional skills can bring about the desired results and our goal of customer satisfaction.

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